12 Things I like about Tumblr

  1.  posts for almost every interest, hobby, job, thing, pop culture icon, or occasion.
  2. international networking
  3. Whovians
  4. food pictures
  5. talented creative and artistic people sharing their creative and artistic things
  6. test marketing
  7. memes 
  8. anons
  9. nice people
  10. pictures of kittens
  11.  the same people who post adorable pictures of kittens and other cuddly animals will soon after post intensely sexual statements and pornographic images. 
  12. both adorable kittens and sexual posts/porn involve a distantly common theme of cuddling. 
This post is posted on Saturday 22 December 2012.
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  1. moogylouchu said: Number 11 is the truest thing on tumblr. Ever.
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